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    Questions About Training

    Do I need to attend a MELL or District training?
    Any test administrator of either the W-APT or ACCESS assessment must have either attended a MELL training or have gone through training at the district level given by someone who attended a MELL training. For the 2013-2014 assessment, at least one person from the district is required to attend an ACCESS training due to changes in the assessment. For more information please contact your local MELL Instructional Specialist.

    If I attend a MELL or District training, do I also have to take the online quizzes in order to administer the ACCESS for ELLs Assessment?
    Yes. In addition to having gone through a live training, administrators will also have to score at least 80% on each of the three online training modules. Quizzes may be retaken as required.

    If I took and passed the quizzes previously, do I need to retake them?
    First time administrators must complete the entire training. Other test administrators must re-take the speaking test only. However, it is strongly recommended to review the other training modules.