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MOSIS -- Core Data at the "Student Level"

In summer 2005, the Department developed and began implementing a student-level record system, called Missouri Student Information System (MOSIS), which contains a randomly generated state identification number for every student receiving service in the public schools.

MOSIS Phase II which was implemented for spring 2006 MAP testing was the collection of student level data using the MOSIS ID to pre-code the student’s test booklets with the required demographic and program data.

MOSIS Phase III which began in September of 2006 is to transition the current Core Data collection system from an aggregate student data collection to a student level data collection system.



09/16/2009: MOSIS State Level Violations Memo

09/16/2009: MOSIS Listserv Memo

09/08/2009: MOSIS Update Memo

09/04/2009: 2009-10MOSIS Reference Manual

06/22/2009: MOSIS Training Invitation - Aug/Sept

05/21/2009: MOSIS June Webinar Powerpoint

05/11/2009: MOSIS Training Invitation

04/15/2009: Summer End of Course Pre-Code Memo

03/30/2009: MOSIS Updates

03/30/2009: Regional Face to Face Training PowerPoint

03/09/2009: MOSIS Updates

03/03/2009: NEW MOSIS Alerts Webpage

02/02/2009: MOSIS Updates

01/20/2009: January/February Webinar PowerPoint and link to the Webinar Recording

12/12/2008: January Webinar Training Invitation

11/21/2008: MOSIS Updates

11/20/2008: LAS Link Pre-Code Due Date Extended

11/07/2008 MOSIS October Cycle Update

11/04/2008 MOSIS December Webinar Training Invitation

10/15/2008 October 2009 Cycle Memo (pdf)

09/12/2008 End of Course pre-code information for the first window in the Fall Administration

07/23/2008 August 2008 Webinar Invitation

05/01/2008 May 2008 Webinar Powerpoint (pdf) and link to the Webinar Recording

04/23/2008 Friendly Reminder -- MOSIS Phase III Updates
04/08/2008 April 2008 Regional Training Powerpoint and Summary Handout
03/12/2008 March 2008 Webinar Powerpoint and link to the Webinar Recording

03/04/2008 Letter to Districts:  MOSIS Data Collection -- March Online Trainings

02/27/2008 Letter to Districts: Update on April and June Cycles

02/05/2008 February 2008 Webinar Power Point -- PDF Version and link to the Webinar Recording


12/05/2007 December 2007 Webinar Power Point and link to the Webinar Recording

11/2007 November Training Session -- Power Point

10/2007 October Training Session -- Power Point and link to the Webinar Recording

08/2007 August Core Data Workshops

08/2007 August Administrators Conference

06/2007 June Webinar Session -- Power Point and link to the Webinar Recording

05/09/2007 May Training Session -- Power Point

04/18/2007 Phase III Update -- Power Point Presentation

04/11/2007 Letter to Superintendents



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