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News & Updates

1/9/2014 June Cycle Referrals Question and Answers

11/21/2013 School Foods Services Direct Certification NEW Near Match Report

11/14/2013 Rule SEA03855 - 2013 June Student Enrollment Attendance

10/25/2013 New MOSIS Collection -- June Cycle Referral

10/21/2013 MSIP5 - Refreshed Data for Use in the 2014 APR

10/18/2013 MCDS Portal NSC Graduate Follow-up Report

10/18/2013 PAT Educators

10/11/2013 October Student Core Warning - STC00465

10/09/2013 MOSIS Updates

10/03/2013 LEPELL Assessment Precode

09/25/2013 MOSIS End of Course Fall Precode (2nd window)

09/25/2013 MAP History Report available in MCDS Portal

09/19/2013 2013-14 Core Data/MOSIS Back to School Webinar

09/09/2013 Student Growth Data Posted Securely for Downloading

09/04/2013 MOSIS End of Course Fall Precode (1st window)

08/21/2013 2013-14 August Cycle Core Data Screens

07/30/2013 MAP and CCR Data in MCDS Portal

07/29/2013 MSIP 5 CCR Measures

07/18/2013 REMINDER: 2013 MOSIS Collections -- Data Release and Appeals Process

07/03/2013 2013-14 August/October MOSIS and Core Data Cycles, Manual

06/26/2013 June ID Cleanup

06/13/2013 WEBINAR: School Food Services Direct Certification - New Process through MOSIS

05/14/2013 June Cycle MOSIS Updates

05/13/2013 June Cycle MOSIS/Core Data

05/02/2013 Summer End of Course Assessment Precode

04/24/2013 Administrative Memo CCR-13-002 Data Release and Appeals Process

03/28/2013 2013 June Student Core Error-STC03500

03/28/2013 Refreshed Version of the Draft MSIP 5 Annual Performance Report

03/12/2013 MSIP 5 Update - New Stopout Code Rule

01/09/2013 Administrative Memo CCR-13-001

01/07/2013 REMINDER: MOSIS Precode for MAP and End-of-Course Assessments

11/27/2012 MOSIS Precode for MAP and End-of-Course Assessments

11/27/2012 Core Data and MOSIS Reference Manual Update

11/13/2012 Reminder: MAP Grade-Level Assessments Spring 2013 Online Enrollment

11/09/2012 Administrative Memo LS‐12‐007

10/30/2012 ODSM Monthly Webinar, NEW ODSM Listserv

10/12/2012 Administrative Memo LS-12-006

10/11/2012 LEPELL Assessment Precode

10/11/2012 UPDATE -- ASVAB Data Collection

10/05/2012 Altering Rule STC04570 - SPED Placement

09/26/2012 UPDATE: MSIP5 College and Career Ready Measures -- ASVAB & 2013 CCR ID Clean-up

09/21/2012 WEBINAR: Pre-Recorded Webinars-MOSIS ID

09/18/2012 WEBINAR: October MOSIS Data Collection

08/30/2012 WEBINAR:  Office of Data System Management Monthly Update

08/30/2012 WEBINAR:  ASVAB Collection

06/26/2012 WEBINAR:  Data Release Schedule


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