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October 2008 -- Webinar Questions


I am working on the October MOSIS Cycle.  I need to know if we are to show an enrollment for our primary and intermediate librarians.  In the past, we have not shown an enrollment for librarians, but all of our classes in primary and intermediate do spend at least one class period in the library per week.  If we do not show each classes' time in the library, each student will be short 57 minutes per week in their class schedule.  Please let me know how we need enter the librarian's and students' data correctly.

For now just use the 884600 Elementary Librarian code. 

For the October cycle if a teacher/librarian is marked as having 500 students in enrollment, what would need to be reported for the students? Or do we report the librarians the same as last year...just reporting the number of total minutes on one line?

Normally librarians do not report enrollment. 

Last year our policy was that HS students were promoted based on credits earned. Our June MOSIS report shows a large number of students retained in 9th grade. Over the summer we switched Student Information systems and the tech person promoted everyone, regardless of credits. Last night the school board voted to promote HS students each year regardless of credits earned, so the summer promotions stand.

Ideally you would revise the June MOSIS report to reflect the grade students are in this year.

When students change from full-time to part-time during the school year do I withdraw them as full-time and re-enroll them as part-time? Or do I just indicate the new status on their student info record?

Ideally you would withdrawn them as full-time and re-enroll them as part-time.

We have a fee based preschool program.  We require the teachers to hold Pre-K certification.  Since this is a fee based program is it necessary for us to report these teachers and students.

We request that all preschool programs be reported. 

Who is considered an educator? Is this district staff that are involved with
teaching? Are principals submitted if they don't teach a class? How about school
secretaries, counselors, etc... ?

All staff found in Exhibit 3 of the Core Data Manual.

I was under the assumption that there would be a row for each educator per school in this file. However, what is confusing me are the "Late Start Date", "Early End Date" and "Course Comment" fields. These seem to indicate that there should be a row per course an educator is teaching at the school. Doesn't the Course Assignment file deal with that?

The dates in this file actually refer to late start and early end of positions/schools not the courses for the position or school. The comment is a single field to include comments for all courses related to that position/school.

Is the CTE Program Type an educator field or a course field? Can an educator have more than one Program Type Code per school?

They can have more than one Ed School record with different CTE Program Types.  See the key chart in our October PowerPoint.

While the elementary don't have the specific course codes like middle school and high school, does the fact that we are changing our elementary from K-05 to K-07 affect how those 'middle school' grade levels are reported?  As in if the school is a K-07 will the 6th & 7th grade students need specific courses listed or will they fall into the pattern the K-05 have of not reporting separate courses?  Or it is based on the grade level that they are required to list all the courses and teachers?
On SPED teachers that do pull out instruction, do we know how we are going to be reporting them?  They have not be scheduled to reflect the pull out instruction.  One comment we got was that those teacher would just have a case load number.  Do we know how that is going to work for Oct yet?       

Self-contained classes do not report a course code. Departmentalized classes do have a course code. The grade level of the school  does not make a difference.

Yes we plan to report pull out programs as caseloads this fall.

Students at the sites receiving television will be reported with a delivery system that indicates this, right?

Yes that is correct. 

Do you need a history of teachers who are assigned to sections?  For instance, Mrs. Smith was assigned to teach Alg 1 from 8/1/08 – 9/1/08 when she retired. Then Mr. Jones was assigned the section 9/1/08 – end of year.  Do I need to return a row for Mrs. Smith in October with her start date = 8/1/08 and end date = 9/1/08, and a separate row for Mr. Jones with start date = 9/1/08  and end date = (last school day)?    Or do I need to return Mr. Jones’ data only because Mrs. Smith is no longer an employee in October?

Yes a history of teachers who are assigned to sections should be reported.

Should I report the primary teacher only for sections or do all staff members associated with the section get reported? For example, do resource teachers get reported?

All assignments of all educators are reported (including resource teachers).

Field 170 – Course Sequence Number – Rule states ‘CourseSeqNum must be 0 or null since CourseNum is null.’  Does ‘0’ and null both mean that the course is non-multilevel?

Yes ‘0’ and null both mean that the course is non-multilevel.

We are taking a look at our secondary schedules in preparation for the October cycle, we have a class the is like a study hall (Academic Support) that is taught by an Instructional Assistant. How will that effect the October Cycle? We are going to try and resolve as much as we can prior to the start of school.

All classes for which student attendance is reported must be supervised by a certificated teacher

I'm trying to make sure I am understanding grade level correctly.  I get that grade level is the instructional grade level at which course curriculum is offered.  I get that student enrollment should not exceed the minimum standard on individual grades K-12.  What I am not clear on is the combination grade levels.  I was told if more than one grade level was in a class then the minimum standard was cut in half.  So if a teacher is teaching 1st & 2nd grade in one classroom the minimum standard would be 12.  But is that always applicable?  Like with Band, PE and the others I listed they are limited to half the minimum standard?  So we are docked if we have Band or Choir for grades 9-12 and have 33 students enrolled?  Is there another rule about the classes listed above and like electives or SPED classes that applies?  I'm trying to understand when the grade level is K-12 verses 13-17 on classroom instruction

Performing group (band, vocal music, etc) instructional class enrollments are limited only by the size of the classroom. The standards for class size listed in the MSIP Standards and Indicators Manual can be found on the web.

In the October cycle, will the Screen 20 enrollment field be populated with either the Caseload from Course Assignment or the count of the Student Assignments or both?  I think we talked about this very briefly one day, and one option was to create a second field to hold the Caseload number.  The ECSE FER pulls in the enrollment number and matches it up to some other information and is used to check that ECSE teacher caseloads are at acceptable levels.  If the enrollment field is populated by one or the other of Caseload or Student Assignments counts (but not both), we’ll have a problem with lots of errors kicking out. 

Seems like there are a couple of options: Populate the enrollment field with either the caseload or the student assignment counts, which should then flow through to the FER OK.   Make a change to the FER.  My understanding is that IT hasn’t been able to get to several other changes for them, so I don’t know how likely that is.

How do we identify an aide that is assisting one or two teachers on the educator files?

You will report the assignment(s) of the aide in the Course Assignment file. No enrollment is reported for aides. You may indicate the names of the teachers assisted in the comment field in the Educator Assignment file. 

It was my understanding that the caseload data would be used independent of core data.  So currently no ETL exists for dealing with the caseload data?

I believe that we will move the caseload data to screen 20. (We have a business rule that prevents both caseload and student records being submitted for the same line on screen 20.

How is a teaching assistant related to the course when their course code is 888200 and not the course being taught?  How are the student’s associated with the teaching assistant?

Currently students are not associated with teaching assistants. If the teaching assistant is associated with a specific course then that course code should be used. 

If we identify Advanced Placement courses by the Delivery System of AP and International Baccalaureate of IB how are Advanced courses identified?  How are Advanced courses defined?

The class will be identified as a dual credit class if one or more students is identified as a dual credit student. Each of the student records may not indicate that the student is a dual credit student. 

How should we list our student teacher aides, student counselor aides, and student office aides?  We use SIS for our student records, and we want to make certain that we set up the database right in order to load in MOSIS correct.  

Students scheduled to assist educators should be reported using the cadet teaching code. The person responsible for monitoring the student’s participation in the program should have a cadet teaching assignment reported. 

I have questions about our students attending Vo-Tech and the Missouri Options Program.  I understand that the Vo-Tech schools will be reporting on our students that attend their Vo-Tech.  Do they report on each student, their instructor, and attendance?  I was told the only information we submit for Vo-Tech students will be the follow-up.  Is this correct?  

All students attending classes at another Missouri public school district will be reported in October by the district providing the teacher. 

We will have a couple of classes that will be held at one school but televised to other high schools with students taking the same course.  There will only be one teacher on record but the students will be at different sites.  How do we accommodate that in the reporting since it will be school specific?

The students will be reported as being sent (screen 22) from one school to another school (the one where the actual teacher is reported) for instruction. 

I have a para who helps in the Special Ed room.  I have another para that helps in the first grade room.  These are the only para's I have.  Are they included in the MOSIS educator data and/or course & assignment data (screens 18 & 20)?

Yes the paraprofessional would be reported in the MOSIS Educator, Educator School, and Course Assignment files. No student data would be reported for them in the Students Assignment file.

I am being asked by counselors from other school districts that send their students to us…who is reporting on those students this year….us or them???

The class enrollments ( in the Student Assignment file) will be reported by the district where the students attend class.  The school enrollments (in the Student Core file) will be reported by the district where the student is enrolled

Students that live in the district boundary but attend a state school, would we report them on student core, enroll/attd as Resident II or not at all?  We have not been reporting them at all. 


For programs or services in SPED that administer to students like the after school services they provide for students that attend a private school.  In the past the staff was reported as:


                                                                         grd  del sys  pgm cd   Min   enroll

I believe that after school services  provided for students that also attend a private school should continue to be reported using code 195000. The students would be shown as enrolled in this course.

195000 DIRECT SERVICE/INST SPECIAL ED  16       IG          06     1,550   4


198600 CASE MANAGEMENT OF IEPS         16       IG          06       150   4 


Will the students be reported as being in course 195000 or is there another way we should be doing this?  It is not pull out services being provided.  It is what ever therapy.  These after school service students are not enrolled in any other class, they only come here for SPED service.  Would they be like the elementary and not reported at all on student assignment?  Or will they be reported for 195000?  

I assume the students receiving homebound instruction are still enrolled in classes at their home schools.

There are also SPED staff that goes to a couple of the hospitals and give instruction to the children there.  The staff is also coded as shown above.  How should the students be coded?  Will they be like the elementary and not have a specific course and not be in the student assignment file?  And the course assignment will just show the 195000 course?

I assume the students in the hospitals are still considered enrolled in their home schools and therefore the services provided at the hospital would be reported as a caseload.

We also have students in a home bound program where someone goes to the home and provides instruction.  Will the student be scheduled for that 195000 or a separate class for math, english, science, social studies.  That is just 4 subjects but they school they are attached to has 6 periods.  We aren't sure what the student should be scheduled for the last two periods.    


We always report our Parents as Teachers educators with the number of students that they service on Screen 20. These students are anywhere from 0-3 years old and are not currently in our Student Information System and do not have MOSIS numbers. In order to correctly report them for the October cycle, do they have to be assigned a MOSIS number and "tied" to their PAT or is there some other way of reporting these Infants/Toddlers?

You should report the “number of families served” in the Caseload column of the MOSIS Course Assignment file. You will not report the individual children and parents in the families served.

We do have several PK classrooms in our Elementary buildings and the students will be reported in those buildings for Core Data. We also have a Special Services building (7500 - Washington Education Center) that has several classrooms of Early Childhood Special Education students. These students only receive services at that building. Do we report these ECSE students in 7500 building?

Yes you can report the educators and their students in the 7500 school.

One of our Speech Therapists travels a partial day of each week to a private/parochial school in our district (on our payroll) and services 20 students there for speech therapy. Do we need to report those private/parochial students in October Core Data?

Yes I believe that these students are considered part-time public school students. 

The caseload field is intended to be used for 198600 case management, correct? If so, is the number we enter the number of students that the teacher is responsible for the IEP or is it that teachers calculated caseload?

Yes the caseload number for 198600 - case management would be the number of IEPs for which that teacher was responsible.

The caseload field will also be used for entering numbers of students in early childhood special education services, delivery system H, correct?

I believe that you are correct.

The caseload field will be used for special education teachers that are co-teaching and seeing students on a resource basis, delivery systems CO and IG, correct?

I believe that you are correct.

I have a question regarding our new pre-school.  Do these kids get uploaded through the MOSIS system for the September headcount or do we manually enter the total headcount on Core Data Screen 16 for each Pre-School class that is being offered in three different schools? Again, thanks for all of your help.

They will be uploaded in the MOSIS file.

We are trying to figure out where the case load numbers for Special Ed and also the Gifted Program enrollment  will pull from in our new student database, Infinite Campus, for screens 18 and 20.  Gifted (CODE) students do not have sections dedicated to their gifted involvement on the student's  class schedule at their home school site.  We are not finding anywhere that this will pull from in Infinite Campus  for our Screen  18 and 20 piece.  I know Dr.Ogle said to enter the case numbers for Sped in the enrollment field, not head counts of students.  What I didn't get was did he mean for us to hand key the case load numbers directly onto the Core Data Screens (18 and 20) after all of our uploads have been completed

The caseload numbers should be in the MOSIS Course Assignment file in the column labeled Caseload. If your local computer program does not provide a way to enter them before creating the file then you can enter them manually in the MOSIS Course Assignment file before uploading it

I have a Spanish I class and a Spanish II class that is ITV from a teacher in Kansas City through Greaternet.  How do I report? 

If the ITV teacher is employed by a Missouri public school  that Missouri public school  will report all of the ITV students.

I have a child development 1st semester ITV class that is from Arcadia Valley.  Do I report or does Arcadia Valley?

Arcadia Valley (the Missouri public school)  will report all of the students

I have a dual credit college algebra class from Mineral Area.  How do I report?

You will report the dual credit college algebra class in the MOSIS Course Assignment file and the student(s) in the MOSIS Student Assignment file.

What about teachers that come from the co-op for speech and adaptive p.e.?  Do I show them as teachers in our district?

Yes you should report these teachers. You will report 0 fte and 0 salary and use the co-op district code for fiscal agent.

In using the case load field to record student enrollment in special education classes, should the enrollment figure be duplicated or not?

Yes the students receiving special education services (reported as a case load) would also be reported as enrolled in their regular classes.

Do we have to count a transfer in student as a drop out even if they only attend 1 or 2 days and then never return?

Yes if a student enrolls (and attends) your school and later drops out and des not return that student would be reported as a dropout next June

At the core data meeting, I understood that when I report the Parent Educator's enrollment I should report the total number of families served in the caseload column and not the total number of students.  Did I understand this correctly?  The reason I'm asking is because I know that last year I was told that PAT students were to be assigned a MOSIS number which would allow districts to report enrollment counts for assignments other than regular classes.  So do I report total families served by the PAT teacher or do I report their total student enrollment number (in the caseload column) or do I report both?

The number of families served by each PAT staff member will be reported in the Caseload column of the MOSIS Course Assignment file this October. Individual family members served will not be reported in the MOSIS file at this time.

Are we required to list our bus drivers and substitutes on the Educator MOSIS file?

No  just the staff members who directly participate in the education of students

What screens will the uploads populate? Will they only populate Screens 18 and 20 and screen 16?

In October screens 16, 18, 20 and 22 will be populated from MOSIS files. 

In the past we have not attached minutes to case managers. If I do not put minutes in the course it will not upload from our student records to MOSIS. The only way I know around this is to attach the same amount of minutes as one of the other courses in the teachers schedule and then combine case manager with that course. However, I can not do this because every other course the teacher has already has a delivery system in the delivery system field. Will Core Data overlook the inclusion of minutes in the case manager course or is there an easier way?

We will not require minutes to be reported for Case Management of IEPs - course 198600. 

For the classes being taught by a virtual teacher, do we show the educator info for the class facilitator and then with delivery system (which one) identify it as a virtual class?  We don't have all the educator info for the contracted out virtual teacher.  If the contracted virtual teacher is to be reported for the class, we more info on what and how to report them when they are not in our system and we don't have most of that info.  

Yes for virtual classes (not ITV) report the class “facilitator” and report the class with a delivery system  of “S”. 

If I do not report minutes in the course it will not upload from our students record system into MOSIS. 

I don’t know how your students record system works but we allow 0 minutes to be reported for  courses 193000, 193100 and198600.

I was hoping you could send me a list of screen #’s for the October cycle that MOSIS won’t extract.  

Screens 05, 21 and 25 will need to have data entered manually on the web screens

If a student transfers out to an on-line school (MOVIP or out of state program) what code do we use?  Does documentation need to be put in the perm file that shows that they have registered or do we take their word for it?

You do need confirmation that the student has actually enrolled in another school. You should contact the school to verify that the student has actually enrolled.

If student is enrolled in the Job Corp program (other than GED program) is this considered a transfer now?  Again, we don’t receive documentation.  Previously student would be in the GED program and considered a drop but now there are several additional programs.

If a student is participating in a Job Corps program and is also enrolled in a Missouri public high school you should be able to verify enrollment by contacting the Missouri public high school. 

When reporting a Class within a Class for Core Data, the special ed class has a CO for the delivery system code. Do we also code the regular ed class with the CO delivery system since they are co-teaching? The regular ed classes do not usually have a delivery system code.

No do not code the regular class with the CO delivery system.

Everyday seems to bring more questions regarding Screens 18 & 20!  We have two residential facilities in our district and we pay teachers there to work with some students a few hours per week.  We’ve always reported those teachers, along with the number of students served, on screens 18 & 20 in October.  We’re in the process of adding those teachers to our student records system (the teachers tend to change every year) but have a dilemma about the students served.  Do we create appropriate assignments in our software system for those teachers and enter the enrollment numbers or do we need to setup those students (who will not have attendance in our district) in our system with schedules for those classes?  How would adding those students and scheduling them impact our StuCore file, since they never attend on our campus?  I believe in the past we’ve coded those assignments as PC = 03, DI = NI.

I believe that you should add the teachers and students served in the residential facilities to your system and report the data with your regular schools.

We have a fee based preschool program.  We require the teachers to hold Pre-K certification.  Since this is a fee based program is it necessary for us to report these teachers and students.

We request that all preschool programs be reported.

We request that all preschool programs be reported

If the class is a semester length class.

For the October cycle if a teacher/librarian is marked as having 500 students in enrollment, what would need to be reported for the students? Or do we report the librarians the same as last year...just reporting the number of total minutes on one line?

Normally librarians do not report enrollment.

Where can I find the Power Point for October

What do you use for a student who drops before school starts?

 They are entered and exited on the first day of school.  With an exit code of transfer out or dropout whichever is appropriate.

Would you list a student under 16 as a dropout?

 Yes you would.

If a parent has requested transcripts, but we don't know what school district they transferred to, how should this be coded?

If you cannot confirm they are continuing education they are reported as a dropout.  I would suggest contacting the parent and trying to get more information from them.

 PAT have MOSIS numbers this year? If so when submitted what cycle? Our PAT are birth to 3 yrs old.

PAT is not reported at this time other than families served in Oct Educator/Assignment.

If we are not able to contact the parent after a child has moved, how should they be coded?

 Code them as a Dropout.

 What does ESOL Instructional Model mean?

It is an Instructional Model for English Language Learners -- the codes can be found at

Why did the language codes change after the school year started?

They changed over the summer.  The reason was that the feds have adopted the ISO codes for language.

Where do you get course codes for an Elem teacher?

Exhibit 10 of the Core Data Manual provides the Course Codes -- a self contained elementary class will not have a course code.

Do we still report PAT teachers on screen 18/educ submission this year?


Where can we go to find out what employees should be reported in Core Data? Also, where can we get definitions for each position code?

Exhibit 3 of the Core Data Manual provides the position code and definition for each one.

For Screens 18 and 20, can they still be put in manually or do they have to be through a vendor?

You just have to have the data in the right format that MOSIS requries.  Vendor is an optional thing.  We have Excel templates available on our website if needed.

How do we get the excel templates? 

All templates are posted on the MOSIS website. 

We are a K-8 school, how much of october concerns us?

You will be reporting all the information that K12 districts report. Your course data will be a little more limited, but still required.

Do we also report students who are taking classes over fiber optics if they are at another school district?

Yes, those are coded as ITV students.

If it is an ITV course for dual credit taught by a teacher at another school district should I list that as being taught by the other district?

 ITV is part of the dualcreditcode field.

What about elem course codes?

Elementary courses have no course numbers unless they are art, pe, music.   In those cases you use the same codes that middle school and highschools use.

Is the assignment number still an integer or has it been changed to a character field?

Assignment number is still an integer.

Where do we find position codes?

Exhibit 3 of the Core Data Manual.

Where can I get more information on assignment numbers?

Assignment numbers are the number that makes the assignment unique.  For instance if I am a position 60 teacher in the 1050 building and I teach Biology and Chemistry.  My assignment number for Biology would be 1 and my chemistry assignment would be 2.

Is there a list of the course #s for these supplemental assignments, with no student assignment?

There is not a documented list I am aware of.

Will you explain more about Caseloads. Where does the number come from?

Caseload is required if CourseNum is inclusively between 195000 and 195640 and CourseDeliverySys is CO or IG.

So you can have multiple assignment numbers=1?  (ie., unique to the educator or unique to the district)

Yes each educator could have an asisgnment number of 1.

How are CWC teacher/assignments listed ~ as a student assignment or caseloads?

CWC would be a caseload.

Are MO Option students and teachers reported?

Yes, MO Option students and educators are reported.

We teach dual credit classes through ITV to other schools.  Should we report those or does each school report their own?

You should report those since you hosted the course.

Do we report our students that go to a Technical College as CTE students?

If the Technical college does not report to DESE then yes you must report the data for the college.

 What are the four schools who report to DESE?

 Jefferson College, Crowder, State Fair and Ozark Technical.

 The sending district reports the student core?

Yes, that is correct.

 If students enrolled at Stockton attend Lamar vo-tech, does Stockton report data for those students or would Lamar?

Lamar reports the assignment data.  Stockon still reports the student core data.

Does DESE have any guidelines on the grade level a course code is taught?

You choose the grade level for a course.

Do we report minutes of instruction for Art/Music/PE for elem by each grade level?

You report that at the assignment level not just the grade level.

What about plan time?

You will report planning time.

If we did a Stop Out for a drop out who re-enrolled Sept 1 who was also a special ed student, do we also need to take out the special ed exit for last year?

Yes, you would.

Does an A+ coordinator have a caseload or student's assigned and tied to them?  For example:  what about a student that taking a A+ tutoring class, do we need to indicate these students or just a caseload for the A+ Coordinator?

The A+ coordinator will not have either for that position code.  Only if they are have the class of A+ tutoring will the students be reported.

For elem, would their total min be reduced to account for Art/PE/Music min reported under the Art/PE/Musci teacher?

Yes, they would be reduced.

Does anyone know ther reporting requirements for Early Childhood Education.  We have a preschool program.

You report pretty much everything just like all other classes.

Is there no distinction between regular classroom Spec Ed paras and one-on-ones?

We don't believe so.  There is a special delivery system for 1 on 1 though.

Is there one place to go to get details on EOC? Example definitions of program codes.

I would look on the assessment section of DESE's website

 Do all econimcally disadvanted students get marked as such or on the votech students?

Economically disadvantaged is not required for non-CTE students.

If we make changes directly on the screen will it be overwritten with the next upload?

That is correct.

What about ITV classes that are only for HS credit not dual credit?

We will populate screen 22 and since the school code is going to be a highschool it will not counted as dual credit even though the field indicates otherwise.

How is membership reported on Resident II students under this new system?

You would report them as Resident II in your student core file.  This would count them in your enrollment/membership counts.

What if the Dual Credit is through ITV and we have other sending schools in attendance.  Do we only report our students or all students?

You would report all the students including the ITV students.  You would fill out the sending district/ReceivingCollDistCode for those student on the ITV.