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MOSIS Phase III -- Frequently Asked Questions



Where on the MOSIS site is today's Powerpoint?

If you are educating students from other school districts in programs, which school district should be reporting them?  For example, Lindbergh educates students in the PEGs program from other districts (ie, Parkway).  Should Lindbergh or Parkway be the reporting district?

 For the April Student Core, where the student is tested needs to report them.

Is it better to collect our April Student Core data early in the testing window or later in April near the end of the MAP testing window?

The closer to the testing window the more accurate the data will be.

What about LMC and school calendar and Spec Ed exit counts, physical fitness?  Are these taken out of MOSIS in June or do we submit those directly at that time through Core Data?

Library Media (LMC) will not be populated through MOSIS at this time, Special Ed counts and Physical Fitness will be reported through MOSIS.

If a student with an IEP disability withdraws and we assign an exit code, then he comes back then leaves again, do we need to code him with 2 exit codes?

 You would only have 1 SPED exit in June in the Student Core file, the latest exit date.

The June student core and enrollment files are collected together but are physically separate files.

Yes, they are separate files, however you upload the Student Core and Enrollment/Attendance files at the same time, and then the Discipline Incident file uploads by itself.

Is there a link where we can find the "MOSIS Data Collection Component Handbook" that is not in draft form? The latest version I have is November 2007.

We are getting ready to publish another draft of the user manual, but currently that draft from November is the most current.

For the FTE of PreK students, we would take the time for a regular school day and take the time the Prek kids are serviced, do some dividing and count that as the FTE?

 That would work just fine.

Does it matter if the student was enrolled on Count Date but left for a month and is back enrolled now?

 You would put "N" in the enrolled on count date field for this student.

We won't have an April Student Core Record if the student was NOT enrolled on the as of date.  They may have been there before or after the date and still have taken the test.  But no Core record.

 In April you need a student core record for all students you test.  There isn't really a enrolled on count date for April. 

April Enrolled on Count date, to get one record per student we have to pick one day.  Our movement can have the student at several school during April.

 I suggest you then pick a day as close the testing window as you can.

 Yes we can pick a date as close as possible.  And that brings me back to the original statement that we will NOT have a record for each student.  The student could have left before count date or the student could start after count date.

 You must report a record for EVERY student you test.

 So, I'm guessing we'll have to have counselors come back in July to fill in the teachers?

 Teacher information is optional so this is up to your district.

 We only send in one group information sheet per grade level to CTB.  Should we put the school test coordinator's name in the teacher field on the group information sheet?

 I believe which ever data is most helpful to you is what you should put. It is just a sort field for you.  We don't use it.

 When is the closing date for this submission?

 April will be open on April 1 and will need to be certified by the end of April.  You may be updating the submission through the summer.

 Is 8th grade Technology Literacy a required field? We were under the impression it would be.

 8th Grade Tech Lit will be required in June.

 So what we submit in April will be put on the MAP test am I right?

Yes the April student core will be tied directly to MAP results.

 What if the information has changed on the child like IEP Codes or Free Lunch since we did submit our information in December and what if we have new students do we have to hand fill in all this instead of using the precode labels?

 December was only used to make the label.  April will be used to tie these demographic data to the assessments.

 Duplicate Id's?  Anything we can do to correct them?

 There will be specific information regarding this coming out soon.  Many of you may have already received emails detailing any duplicate ID issues.

 In the meantime, which id should we use?  SPED is going through file review and needs the MOSIS Id.

 You use the ID you have for now. If there is some time sensitivity then contact amber and we can see if you have any duplicates that you might need to account for.

 On the June Cycle for Student Core, Student Att/Enroll, and Discipline Incident, the slideshow states "The district submission needs to be one file for the entire district".  Does that mean one complete file or does the mean one file for Disc, one for Att/Enroll, and one for stu core?

Yes, it would be 3 separate files at the district level.

 We have had a family move to Nebraska.  What about the children's MOSIS numbers?  Do I need to report this move to MOSIS somehow?

You do not need to do anything with the MOSIS number in the MOSIS ID system, the data will remain as it is and if they ever return that data will still be there from when they left.   The student enrollment and attendance will have an exit code that shows them transferring out of state

 When you say all students, does that include inactive/withdrawn, etc.

You can submit inactive and withdrawn students. The data will only be used for students who actually took the assessment test.  Inactive/Withdrawn are not required for April though.

 How do you get this information for illegal aliens?

You would treat them like any other student. You will have to inquire the months for them.

 For "Number of months in USA," if the data is entered as of April 1, would the month of April be counted?

You can round to the nearest full month.  So April would not count as of April 1.

 Are we required to submit contract students?

 You submit records for any student you give the assessment test to.

 HS Career Ed was not addressed in the PowerPoint is it going to be required?

Career Ed is required for April. 

 How will we record graduate follow-up.

 Graduate follow-up is part of MOSIS in February. There is a file to be submitted. You can visit the MOSIS website for more information on that.  We have Powerpoints from February's webinar posted.

 If the contracting district provide the assessment to administer, are we still required to submit their data?

 Only if they took the test and have results.

 Does the clean up have to be done in July?  What if bldg secretaries are not working in July to assist with this?

We receive the assessment results in July and to get the AYP results back to districts in time this clean up must be done over the summer.

 Since we are entering core data through uploading MOSIS files, do we also still need to enter this information on the individual core data screens?

 Starting in June if you successfully provide the MOSIS data you will not need to enter data into the corresponding core data screens.

 Can we use counselor name in teacher name field or must we use individual teacher name.

You can use counselor name. You use whatever works best for you.

 Does the teacher name on the GIS have to match the teacher's name that is already in MOSIS?

No it doesn't have to match anything.

 Will initial results be tied to the GIS even if we have reported a different reporting district/school?

Yes they will be tied to the GIS.

 If we have students in MOSIS, why do we not have a MAP label for them?  Some students have 2 sets of labels.

 You should have MAP labels for the students you reported back in December.  Any students who have joined since then will not have labels.

 Can we enter the teacher/content initially - during the April student core and if not, how will we correct in July?

We do not have those teacher data fields in the April student core. There is 1 teacher name field in April and in July there will be 3 teacher name fields. 1 field for each content area.

 The unreduced lunch?  Must we enter a U in lunch status just like we do for F free and R reduced or can we leave blank

Yes U would be required.

 The students missing have been in the district for years.  Should the DTC just fill out an SIS for them?


 Leading zeroes are problems in some fields...any ideas/suggestions on how to handle ie 048077 often truncates to 48077

MOSIS will pad those zeros for you if you submit the file. It is best to ensure they are there, but the system will try to account for them missing if they get through.

 If we attend all the on line training classes, do we need to attend the face to face training in April.

 The April face to face sessions will cover the June cycle, these webinars in March have covered the April cycle.

 We don't have a very good connection today for some reason so I've missed some of this. Is there somewhere I can download this webinar and watch it again?

 We will have this webinar available on our website for viewing.

 Will there be any webcasts seminars for the June cycle or only the face to face sessions?

We will try to do additional webinars in May for the June cycle.

 If I can't make Face to Face Regional Training will there be another webinar?

We will try to do additional webinars in May for the June cycle.

 Will the June MOSIS cycle require schools to report attendance hours by student?

Yes the Attendance and Enrollment file requires the total hours of attendance and absence by student

What code did you want in IEP disability field

The codes for IEP Disability are 00 for non IEP and the codes used in Core Data for the disability categories

This is critical for our district - will reports be generated before we have cleaned up the data? we are concerned about some of our students who attend special programs at schools other than their home school - we want the scores reported at the home school.

DESE will be working with every district to get the April and July ID cleanup completed so the data can be posted "preliminary" by the first week in August.  We will then refresh the data like we have in the past.

 What is considered Supplemental Education services

Here is the definition in the file layout Identify if a student is eligible, has been offered, applied for, or received Supplemental Educational Services (SES).  Supplemental educational services provide additional academic instruction designed to increase the academic achievement of low-income students in Title I schools in their second and subsequent years of school improvement, corrective action, and restructuring.  These services may include academic assistance such as tutoring, remediation and other educational interventions, provided that such approaches are consistent with the content and instruction used by the local educational agency (LEA) and are aligned with the State’s academic content standards.  Supplemental educational services must be provided outside of the regular school day. Supplemental educational services must be high quality, research-based, and specifically designed to increase student academic achievement.

What is the point of entering the sending/resident/reporting district and school info if the scores are returned based on where the test was taken anyway?

Since this is our first year of working through the MOSIS process we wanted to make sure and get the results in a format we are familiar with.  Next year I believe we will try and use the codes in the April Student Core file to help with the process of assigning students test scores to the appropriate school.

  Our SIS doesn't allow for the 00 entry in the disability code.  Must we contact the vendor to have this corrected?

Yes you will need to contact your SIS vendor.  Another option would be to open up the file in excel and make the changes before submitting it to MOSIS

 So simply stated, The initial reports may not tie the student to their correct (home) school, right? The press receives the initial reports and they report on this info rather than the corrected/revised reports after the clean up. This causes us a lot of grief. Is the July clean up in time to correct this issue?

Yes we think that it will be enough time and will hopefully provide cleaner data earlier on.  In the past we published everything and then did a "data clean-up" process.

 Will the AYP include all of the July corrections?

 Yes -- we will be using the July ID clean-up to capture the data before we publish the AYP results

When you say report all students, does this mean withdrawn also?

 Yes, those students will be ignored on this end if they do not have MAP results from yoru district.

 What is the cut off date to submit a final report to DESE?

 April student core will remain open. We would like for you to certify a trial by then end of your testing window.  You may be 'updating the April Student Core possibly around the July timeframe.

 What Resident codes do we use for tuition students?

The resident district code would be the district code of where they reside.

 Has the race / gender code been corrected to adress mixed races?

 In MOSIS it has not yet been addressed.  It will be addressed in the future, but not for the 2008-2009 school year to my knowledge.

 What code do we use for languages not listed in the code set?

If you have a missing language email DESE for help.

If student does not have designation for ELL/LEP, do we still have to enter primary language as English

No, if the student is marked NLP (Not LEP) then you will not be required to give a language code.

 HS Career Ed -- so it's required for all students 9-12. Correct?

Those not in Career Ed.

 Reguarding resident code for tuition students, what if the student comes from a k-8 school and the k-8 school pays their tuition. 

You would use the district code of the K-8 district as the resident district code. (As long as that is the district the student resides in which is likely.)

If a student takes classes at a vocational school are they considered career ed automatically?

If courses are approved career education courses then they are considered career ed.  It must be an approved course.

 Could you please repeat the requirements for reporting IEP Disability? Thanks.

IEP is required to be reported and cannot be null/blank.  If the student does not have an IEP then 00 is submitted.

 Are we required to mark 504 students?  Didn't see this listed in data items.

No, we are no longer using this data item.

 Why can't a "blank" field work for non-IEP students???

It was decided that blank is not sufficient enough.

 All of this data was submitted in December.  Why does it need to be sumbitted again?

The students could have moved since December. April will allow districts to submit fresh data as close to the testing window as possible.  This will aid in tying your assessment data to the student's demographic correctly.

 Going back to 504.  If we no longer capture that data then how are IAP accomidations connected to MAP?

These accomodations will be tracked on the MAP label you fill in for the student and it will remained linked to the assessment result that way.

 If there are no fields required for exits, for students who are no longer enrolled on test date, how will DESE determine which school student belongs to when designating as level not determined

This link will be done via the Assessment results and not the April Student Core.  We will be covering this more in a minute.

 Why can't we submit the TeacherName in April?

You can submit 1 teacher name in April, but not with the content area.  (Answer) It was decided that we would not add those 3 very specific fields to all of the Student core files.

 What if we have a teacher with numerous roles? For example, our librarian also teaches a communications arts course.

You can submit the teacher name or anything you want to use to control that grouping of books.

 What happens if a student's mosis ID doesn't match up with any district's April Student Core?

You would add that student to the April Student Core so that you could certify the July ID Cleanup.

 What  is the absolute date to submit the April Cycle?

There isn't a solid date.  I would shoot for no later than Mid-May to have a certified file in place.  You will possibly have to update teh April again in July, but initially I would shoot for not later than Mid-May or as close to the end of your testing window as you can.

 Has DESE considered the fact that many Administrators and teachers are not contracted during the month of July.  How will this affect the July 

You will need to come up with a plan to have this data submitted by the end of July.  The data needs to be done in order to generate the preliminary AYP results.

 If student leave during the school year should we take them off MOSIS so they won't be counted for MAP?

No, you do not need to do that.  They will not be counted for MAP unless we recieve actual MAP test results for that student.

 What happens when a student leaves your district, but the new district has not updated the student's MOSIS ID?

The ID system is not used to assign students to districts. It onyl is used to maintain the state ID for the student (and date of birth to an extent).  Think of it as a community project you all can update the ID information but none of you own the state ID in the ID system.

 I have a question about LEP.  If a student is not LEP do we have to enter a code in that field?

Yes, you would enter NLP or likely your SIS system would deal with this for you.

 Is that per year on the truant?

Yes, per shool year.  Clean the student's slate each year.

 Can we enter Teacher Name in April

In the July ID Cleanup you can submit teacher names for the content areas

 When will the Feb studentcore.txt be posted to the various Core Data screens??

 The data will be moved when the district requests us to move it.

 So we don't need to worry about any student that leaves our district.  The only students were will be held responsible for are those that end up with an actual MAP test result from our district.  Correct?

Yes, that is correct.