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MOSIS Phase III -- Frequently Asked Questions





Are decimals required to be stored in the data or are they inferred?

Decimals must be stored with the data value when being submitted to the MOSIS Data Collection.

Are leading zero’s required for numeric data elements?

No, they are not.

Are the MOSIS files going to be comma delimited or fixed width?

Files can either be comma or tab delimited.  Fixed length is not allowed.

What about reclassification of student's grade levels?

If a student changes grades during a school year, use the remained/retained or remained/advanced code set.

Can students have more than one entry and exit date?

Yes, entry and exit dates, and status codes should be provided each time a student you provide services for exits a school, changes grade levels, or changes residency status.

Who needs a Missouri State ID assigned to them?

Any student you provide services to should have an ID issued to them.  For example, State School, summer school, preschool, and kindergarten students would all need a State ID.  You will need to do a search and if you find the student, use the ID already assigned to them, or if one has not been assigned, go ahead and do so.

When assigning a State ID to preschoolers, what school code do I use?

If you do not have a preschool school code, use the elementary code.

How do I update/change a student's gender or date of birth?

In previous versions of the MOSIS ID system, you would need to use the "Enter Individual Student" option and enter all the information, including the corrected information along with the State ID already assigned, and click "Assign State ID." Then you may need to "Resolve Near Match" and you will click on the circle next to the information you just entered and click "Assign Selected" and this will update the new information.  In the latest version of the MOSIS system, when a student is listed under your district there is an "Edit Student" button that allows for easier editing.

What is the process for a user to have access to two different buildings for MOSIS?

The ID system is setup for either district wide access or for one building only.

Will the MOSIS system eventually replace Core Data?

MOSIS is a pilot right now, but will eventually be used to replace the way we capture Core Data.

What year should I use when assigning an ID?

We look at a school year as July 1 to June 30.  So, starting July 1, 2007 you will want to use 2008 for the 2007-2008 school year.

Is there a way to search a batch file?

Yes, click on "Batch Search" from the Menu.

Is a First Year Freshman (FYF) a student who has been retained?

You are only a First Year Freshman the first year you become a Freshman. If you are retained, you would not be a FYF again.

What data is available to view outside of our district?

There is aggregate data available on the District Profiles located online, MOSIS does not do this at this time, but is looking to the future for the kinds of reports that will be available for inside and outside your district.

Where are the code sets used for MOSIS?

You can locate the Code Sets online at under "Technical Documentation" you will find a document labeled "Code Sets."

When a student changes from Full-Time to Part-Time, what residency status change is made?

You will use 'remained-other' for this case.

After uploading my trial, I get the error code "ExitDestDistrictCode is not a valid district code." What do I put here?

If you do not have a valid district code to input, make sure nothing is entered here, including zeros which may have automatically been entered.

Is it possible to incorporate this information in the updated “Understanding your MOSIS ID” document?

We are working on a User Manual at this time.

How should districts report homeless?

Homeless is required in the June Student Core and Enrollment and Attendance submission.  Homeless is located within the Student Core file and uses a specific set of codes that can be located at under "Technical Documentation."

What do we do about parsing errors?

Parsing errors usually indicate you have one of the following problems with your file:
1. Your file is missing a header row or one or more headers.
2. Your file has one or more incorrect delimiters.
3. Your file has a delimiter in a comment field that needs to be quoted or removed.  This is done by placing quotes around your value.  e.g. "Moved to Springfield, IL."

We do not enter our pre-K students into our SIS system which issues the local id, is there a different way to do it?

They can be entered into the system online or via a batch file.

You still have to have a local id and my SIS system assigns the student id, if I make one up it will be wrong when they enter into Kindergarten?

The local ID can be determined by the school district.

If a student transfers to my district do I have to enter all of the information again instead of just being able to edit it?

Yes, you may edit the student’s information by using the “Enter Individual Student” function, and once the correct information is submitted with your district information, you will be able to use the new, quicker “Edit” function for future edits. 

For students entering my district, would I have to edit records by using the “Enter Individual Student” option on the Menu?

Yes, you would still have to enter them individually or submit via a batch process.

Are VICC students residents of the district where they are attending or are they a resident of where they live?

These students are residents of the St. Louis City or County District.

What are schools using to determine whether or not their 8th graders are Technology Literate?  Is there a specific list of criteria we are supposed to be using?

Currently DESE does not have a state specific technology standard that 8th grade students should be measured against.  Districts are encouraged to use the National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS*S).  More information about NETS*S can be found on the International Society for Technology in Education website at

Is screen #17 included in the Student Core portion of June's Cycle?


Where can we find the June Cycle templates to download?  Are we required to use these templates to download our data?

The templates are located at; you will see them under Technical Documentation.  There are three available for the June; these include Student Core, Discipline Incidents, and Enrollment/Attendance.  Your Vendor will do the extract for you. Templates were designed for districts without local data management systems and for pilot testing purposes.

Will you show us how to combine our separate buildings into one district file?

One way to combine files for upload is to open each file in Notepad, and then you will need to create a file for Student Enrollment/Attendance by copying and pasting your separate files into one combined one, and do the same for the Student Discipline files.  When combining these files you need to be sure and remove the header rows that contain the column headings, except for the very first one that should be located at the very top of your file, if they are duplicated anywhere else in the document the file will not upload. 

Is this going to work similar to Core Data, in the fact that you only have to correct the errors, but not the warnings to certify?

Correct, you can certify with warnings.

How are we going to deal with missing data due to the fact this has been implemented so late in the year?

This is a pilot. We are hoping that over the course of the year we will be able to capture all required elements.

Will there be a report that shows the aggregate numbers, like total attendance hours for the entire school or district, once the individual student data is uploaded?

Yes, the MOSIS data collection tool currently has Attendance Summary reports in the June cycle that show this data. 

If we don't submit in June can we submit one in a later cycle?

Yes, we will leave the cycles open throughout the year. We will also be testing historical changes, for instance if a dropout is recovered.

Is this currently a voluntary process?

Yes, however we encourage school districts to participate to not only help us, but also to become more familiar with the MOSIS process.

Can we submit this data as our SR program makes those exports available?


Will this integrate with Core Data after the pilot year?  I only coordinate the entry of data from many different sources throughout our district.

This process will change the way districts submit data. DESE will be aggregating the data.

SIS said that their SISk12 program would be ready for June, but SISWIN will not be ready until after the summer.


Why not wait till they come out with the SISWIN version?

That is ok to wait. When it is available please do submit the June data.

Can we use the existing system for now *and* use the pilot system?

Yes, you will continue to enter your Core Data as you always have, and may try submitting data through the MOSIS Data Collection System as well.

We have problems with our Discipline report.  It is only pulling up Safe School offenses.  Is there a way to have that report driven by the action code?

This may be something to discuss with your SIS vendor.

Is the precode system used for MAP?


Does pre-K include ECSE students?


Is there a batch lookup of student id's available?


How can we check to see which students have our school code, if they have come from a different school?

By performing a Student Search you could verify the information for a record.

Should we do one batch upload in August/September for all enrolled students?


What district code do we use for out of state, non-resident students?

You will want to use your district code for these students.

Our SIS vendor is not participating in this trial upload.  We would like to participate.  Do you have any suggestions?

You are welcome to participate. File layouts and Excel templates are available online.

Is there a list of SIS vendors that have participated with DESE on the development of the new system?  Our program is not compatible and we are looking for a new vendor.

Yes. We do have a list available for you. It is also a good idea to speak to neighboring district peers to see what systems they are using.  An updated listing can be found online at under "Communications" and the August Administrators Conference PowerPoint.

Is a student who is a first year freshman considered a student who has not been retained?

Yes, that is correct.

Is there a way to indicate if a student is a Tech Prep student?

Yes, they are on the Student Core file as a career education student. This will also be tracked via the Teacher Student Course collection.

What data from outside our district is available for us to view for comparison figures such as discipline?

Currently there are aggregate statistics available on the DESE website. This data will be available via MOSIS Phase IV.

When you say practice, do you mean we can upload sample files that will not be permanently attached to actual student records?

Correct, this is only a pilot, you may upload trials in the Data Collection system and work through the errors to certify and practice this process.

I am finding out that 6 weeks lead time is not enough time for our vendors.  They are asking for 2-3 months instead.  Would this be possible?

We are continuing to attempt to meet that request.

Our vendor only provides the new way of sending data.  Will you accept this as our true data?

Yes, on a case by case basis.

In the question above what is meant by new data?

Traditional core data collection system vs. the updated MOSIS data collection system.

Are all 57 data items of the student core submitted each cycle, including the August cycle?

No, we will not require Student Core in August. Documentation updates to come.

Will this new procedure replace the older MAP precoding procedures in 2008, and when will the new procedures be required?

Yes, MAP-Precode is being replaced by a collection of the Student Core file in December.  These data will be used to pre-code the MAP booklets.  In April another Student Core collection will be gathered and those data will be used to update the demographics of the students who took the MAP test.

If the trial is certified, is there any reason keep the saved upload?

No, once you certify a trial you may delete your saved trial if you wish to.  The saved trial is only for your use; DESE will not use that data at all.

When we try this do we need to submit in any particular order?  Ex: Can we send discipline first?

No particular order is necessary.

When do the MOSIS ID numbers need to be submitted to receive MOSIS precode labels?

In December.

If you assign all pre-K students an ID, you will have to enroll them.  How will this affect attendance?

Assigning any student an ID has no affect on enrollment or attendance for your district.  Only data collected through the MOSIS Data Collection System can affect those counts.  The MOSIS ID system is used only to assign an ID and does not officially assign a student to any district.  You may have to visit with the vendor of your student management system to determine the best way to include the student in your local system.

Will this process include the Physical Fitness Assessment items?

Yes the Student Core does capture that data.

When a student exits our district we do not initially track the transfer district in our SMS, is this something we will need to begin doing?

This field has been added to the pilot. In the future we will begin tracking and monitoring this information.

Our data system does not have all of your required elements in the student core file (ex. 8th grade literacy is not in our student management system).  When we submit our student core data in June this element will be missing.  Will we be able to certify and submit our file without this element?

The files must include all of the column headings to be uploaded successfully.

Has the state considered a state-wide student management system?

Currently we will continue to focus on working with the individual vendors.

How do other districts collect this info in a timely manner?

A student is not reported as a transfer until the official document is received from the receiving school via a transcript records request.

On the attendance upload, for students who transfer within the district, do we need to have separate records for the schools?

Yes. This is reported in the enrollment and attendance file every time there is a change in school, grade, building, etc.

Should I keep paper copies of all submitted reports?

You can save paper copies for your own records if you would like to.

We have a juvenile justice center, do they need MOSIS numbers?

Yes, any student receiving services needs a MOSIS ID.

Do you know if Pentamation is working with DESE on this?

Pentamation is included on our list of vendors DESE has been communicating with.

We have not done the Phase II - when will that be open so we can do the Pre-Coding?  Is PowerSchool working with DESE on this?

MAP-Precode is being replaced by a collection of the Student Core file in December.  These data will be used to pre-code the MAP booklets.  In April another Student Core collection will be gathered and those data will be used to update the demographics of the students who took the MAP test.  There is a list of vendors and the participation status on the web site.

Where can I locate the MOSIS website?

The website is:

Will we be able to add more students in April to the Pre-Code?

Yes, the April Cycle will include all students that had been enrolled through April.

Is PowerSchool working with DESE on this?  We will be changing from Lemberger to PowerSchool for SY 2007-08.

Yes, a list of vendors DESE has been communicating with can be found at under "Communications" and the August Administrators Conference PowerPoint.

What about corrections of MAP demographics this year?

Yes in September.

The first comma delimited file I created and submitted was altered with Excel. Can I make a test file to prove it now works properly?


We are changing from Lemberger to Infinite Campus.  Will they be included?

Yes. Rockwood School currently uses their tool.

Our district bookkeeper currently reports all the Core Data information.  She is secretary @ the Elem level and I am secretary @ the HS level.  If we do the pilot trials will that mess up the information the bookkeeper submits for the June cycle?


Have any of the current SIS companies made the changes necessary for their schools to upload a trial?

Many of the vendors have been testing files to be sure that their export process is working properly.

Could you explain the difference in Resident 1 and Resident 2 reporting responsibilities?

This should be addressed in the "Guidelines for Reporting Student Accountability Data" which is located at

Who is required to have a 7500 code for preschool?

It is not required, but Core Data has a specific code for schools with attendance centers and pre-K schools.

How do you claim a student if they belong to another district?

You do not claim a student, but rather manage them through the ID system.  You may edit the record to reflect your district codes by using the “enter individual student” feature and entering all of the current information including any updates along with the already assigned state ID. This will list the student under your district code.

Since the Social Security Number (SSN) is required - what can we use for the pre-K student if they are not required to give us their SSN?  Also, if someone already has an ID number and they now attend our district; do we have to assign them another ID number?

SSN is not required. Local student ID is. No you would not assign a new ID number if the student already had an ID number.

If a student is retained this year do I need to go in and edit the grade level?

You do not have to edit the grade level if you are using the batch process.

Will this slide show be on the DESE web site for viewing?

The PowerPoint slides as well as the documents being referenced have been posted on the MOSIS site.

What about non-resident students of faculty members who attend our school?

Yes - Faculty children are reported as Resident I.

So, we enter that information for every student in the district and if they transfer, what district and school they go to?

Yes, you would use the exit codes to reflect their exit information.

If they transfer out of state, is there a code for that also?

Yes, there is an exit code for Transferring Out of State, and specifically if they transferred to a private, public, or home school.

If we can't update another district’s info, how would we correct the school info if they now attend our district?  Is there a place to get another district's number when students transfer?

You may edit the record to reflect your district codes by using the “enter individual student” feature and entering all of the current information including any updates along with the already assigned state ID and this will list the student under your district code.  Once they are listed under you, there is an “Edit” button you can use in the future to update the student’s record.

Is it very important that the legal name of the student is the one on the birth certificate?  So many use different names.

Yes, please use the legal name.

Would each record have multiple fields for Entry/Exit Codes, etc.?

Yes we anticipate that if a student changes status multiple times that they will be reported multiple times.

Will the discipline file only collect the ISS & OSS students like the Core Data collects?

We are asking you to report what is on screen 9 currently. All discipline incidents resulting in suspension/expulsion (removal from regular classroom setting) for .5 day or more are to be reported.

Do you have to upload both files at the same time or can you do just one?

Yes you need to upload both files. You can submit a file for either one with just the header information to do testing with, even though you don't have data within the other file.

Do we need a web-based software program in order for this system to work properly?

Yes you need web access to the system to submit your data.

Does this system include summer school information or students that attend summer school that are not in our district during the regular year?

Yes, in the August submission we are capturing summer school data.

How will we get out of district MOSIS IDs?

Districts can do a batch lookup to obtain IDs. If the student does not have an ID you can assign one.

So we would have to "transfer" them to our school for summer school, and then the other school would transfer them back in August?  What if they transfer them back and we don't get credit for their attendance?

The August MOSIS Student Enrollment and Attendance collection does not collect exit/entry data for students.  You report the hours the student attended in your summer school program.

If we submit a trial will it go to Core Data or is it just a trial to see how the submission works?

This process is currently a trial to make sure it works as planned.

Are we allowed to keep a running list of discipline reports during the year once we go 'live' with the MOSIS Phase III next June?  It will be a pain to have to record them all at one time.

Local district policy should stipulate how discipline data is collected and stored.  You will report the data to MOSIS once a year in the June Cycle.

When will MOSIS Phase IV be available?

Some of the reporting will be available within the next 6 months.

Will there be any hands-on workshops for us to attend to get more comfortable with this process?

We are planning on conducting more trainings this fall.

We are in the process of updating with our vendor; will I be able to do a trial later in the coming year?

Yes, each cycle will be left open for you to test with.