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MOSIS Phase III -- Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Powerpoint for today's webinar? The PowerPoint slides can be found at
We switched student records programs this year.   So, last year's graduates aren't in our current student records program.  Can we go directly to Screen 26 to put the information in? You need to submit your data through MOSIS.  You could start by downloading your 2007-2008 June certified trial and provide follow-up on those graduates.  
Are A+ early grads going to be required for the February cycle? A+ Early grads are required in February student core.
When doing the assessment precoding, if there are three separate MAP tests being taken by a student, does there need to be three seperate entries for that student in the MOSIS file? Just 1 record for the student even if the student is taking multiple tests.
 In the June Student Core, would the K-8 district or the high school district mark the K-8 Graduate field? The high school would mark that.
 Do we have to report information on CTE courses for students that were concentrators or for students that took any CTE classes even if they were not concentrators? A student must be reported in the (180-Day) Graduate followup file where they have earned any (¼, ½, 1, etc) transcripted credit in career education.
 Is zip code optional for adult students too? Zip code for the followup file is optional for everyone, adults included.
 How do we correct the October warning that the CourseNum is not an approved vocational course? I am not 100% sure how approved courses are determined, but I would contact the Career Education section here at DESE and inquire with them.
MAP Pre-code- Is this a Sudent Core File that needs to be submitted or do you have to use the Excel File layout? There is an Assessment file you will use, the layout and template are available online.
Screen 26- Is every graduate reported on this screen or only graduates that have taken a vocational course their senior year? How many credits do they have to have in the career ed program to be reported on this screen?  Report all your graduates and if they are career education they will appear on Screen 26.
 On Screen 26 do we have to report disadvantaged? Yes, Screen 26 needs to know if the students are disadvantaged or not.
 We are also interested in the answer of the placement zip code.  Don Walker specifically stated that this zip code would be required at the last career center meeting we attended. This is no longer required.
Which school field is used when you pull for the Membership count? What about Attendance hours in June? Resident District and School codes are used for Membership.
 If we do the MAP precode and then the EOC precode will the second one wipe out the first? Yes it will overwrite the previous submission on the screen.  We do keep an archive of those data however.
What about screen 35 December 31 fund balance?  Screen 35 will not be populated by MOSIS.  So unless you have been told otherwise it should be populated as it has in the past.
 What is a Perkins Concentrator? A Perkins Concentrator is defined on the website.  Http://
 Is the map precoding only for 3-8? Yes the MAP is grades 3 to 8.
When will this recording be put on the web?   (I had some problems w/ my connection)? The recording is usually ready in 2 or 3 days.
 In the Business Rules--I thought I read that Displaced Homemaker, Single Parent, Non-Trad was collected for "adult students taking special adult programs"? Would that mean that K-12 wouldn't report it and we would report it for our adults? K-12 will not report the adults, that is correct.
 I want to know if K-12 has to report Single Parent, Displaced Homemaker or Non-Trad....looking at the rules those fields are "only collected for adult student taking special adult programs." Those special population fields (single parent...) fields are required if CTEProgramCode is in ('0110','0210','0410','0510','0610','0710','0810')
 How do we get MAP labels for students who are new after 1/23? You will not be able to get MAP labels after the 23rd.  You will have to bubble in a test booklet for them at test time.
 When do we submit information for precode labels for Spring EOC? Spring EOC is due Feb 23rd.
 Is the perkins concentrator and CTE information takien from the info that was input on the graduates from last year? Perkins data was retrieved from the 2008 June Student Core file but the (180-day) Graduate followup needs to be on all students that have earned any (¼, ½, 1, etc.) transcripted credit in career education.
 If we are to "send" EC students in the February student core, does this mean we need to have them coded as to free or reduced lunch status?  Our EC students do not access our lunch programs. Free and Reduced lunch is reported based on "eligibility" and not participation. You should determine if those EC children are eligible or not and report them according to that.
 Who reports the K-8 graduates?  The K-8 district or the HS district that they go to? Students coming from k-8 and graduate Grade 12 are reported by the highschool.
 Did you mention the EOC deadline and the February student core deadline?  Feb Student Core is due Feb 15.
 Special Milk Program- this program is seperate from the F/R Lunch. Do we need to report the Special Milk in Feb as well? No you will report the F/R lunch data only.
 When you say residency status, what do you mean by that? Residency status refers to the relationship of the student to your district.  If they live in your district they are resident I if you pay tuition to send them someplace else they are resdient II and so on.  You can reference the filelayout of more information on that.
 Just so I'm clear. The sending k-8 districts would not code their 8th grade graduates the receiving high school would. Yes that is correct the High School will report them.
 Are you not going to use the MAP A fields for the Precoding? We will not be pre-coding MAP A.
 Should the career center report their adult students who graduated in 2008 from career center since there is not a sending school? Career Centers and Post-Secondary will report the adults.
 Screen 27 - who reports the students if the students are taught off campus but graduated form your school?  CTE is off campus. The high school the student graduates from reports them.
 I wanted to know if we are going to get penalized by not having something done by a certain date. (ie. district report cards, or not being able to change something till the following year) There can be some penalties, you may want to check with Core Data or School Finance for more information-usually they will be in contact with you if needed.
 Is the follow-up on all 2008 graduates or only CTE concentrators? All Graduates for  Screen 08 and Screen 26.
 How can a student graduate from a K-8 District if the grades in a K-8 is just that?  We have K-8 tuition paid students at our high school and they graduate from our District. When we mention a K-8 Graduate we are refering to the student graduating from the 8th grade from the K-8.