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MOSIS Phase III -- Frequently Asked Questions



Is "enrolled on count date" just for SPED kids?

At a minimum you need to have this field marked "Y" for the SPED kids that are to be counted in the December 1 child count.  It is safe to mark this field "Y" or "N" for all students since Enrolled on Count Date alone does not determine Dec 1 child count.

Will we receive a hard copy of the list of those fields required?

The file layouts are available on the website for download.  These contain the fields required.

When submitting for the MACII do I send my entire file before Dec. 15 and then again before Jan. 4 for the MAP?

Yes, this is acceptable.  The key is to have at minimum your MACII students in a certified trial by due date for MACII which is Dec. 15.  After that you may continue to work on getting the rest of your students in for MAP.

Do we have  to mark  Y if they are IEP and N if not on IEP. I thought we just marked if they had a IEP?

The old precode collection used Y/N to designate IEP status.  In the December Student Core you must use the actual IEPDisability codes located on the MOSIS website.  Y/N are not valid codes any longer.

Clarification on the IEP Disability Code: Do non IEP students need a "00" code?


On a non-IEP student, do they have to have 0 in the IEP field or can it remain blank?

The must have "00"

How will you know if any of the required information is missing?

The MOSIS Data Collection system will not allow you to certify your trial if required data is missing.

If a kid on an IEP enrolled here on Nov 30 but started Dec 3, do we count or the sending school?

Since the first day of school is on the 3rd then the receiving district would report them as Dec 1 student count.

We have a student that has 2 mosis #'s - one from his past school with a wrong birthdate and one from our school. This is creating an error and I can't upload my data. How do we fix this?

You must have DESE retire ID you assigned the student when they came to your school.  Even though the student's date of birth was wrong at the old school you need to use that ID.  You may correct the date of birth information in the ID system by uploading the correct information to the MOSIS ID system.  Please contact for assistance on retiring an ID.

Is there an "in district less than one year" field?  Is that coming from the last Wed in Sept, or will that data be updated in April?

This will be updated in April.

When do we populate MAP-Alternative?

MAP-A cannot be pre-coded so there is no date for that

So Dec 1 count includes all students?

The December 1 Child count is a count of SPED students.  In order for a student to be eligible for child count, the student must have a current IEP in place and be receiving services by the local school district as of December 1.

What happens if the Teacher Name is left blank -- will it just skip to Grade to sort?

It cannot be blank.  You can enter a <space> in the field if you want, but it will require something to be in that field.

For a small school can we put school name for teacher and sort by grade?

I don't see a problem with that.

For MAP precode exports, must we have all 57 items in the excel file before we send it to you or may we simply export as we did last year for now?  I realize this will be necessary in upcoming years, but is it necessary NOW?

Yes, this is necessary now and you cannot upload last years data.  The current data is needed in order to receive correct labels for your MAP assessment booklets.

Will we then only need to bubble in the name etc that is included in the December core file and then filling all of that in when we update in April.


If you certify in Dec., can you recertify in January?


Is the teacher name alphanumeric and what is the field length

Yes, Length of 40.

Where do I find the Excel Template for the December submission? 

So if we use a student records program such as Lumen we need to have our Dec. StuCore MOSIS report in order for this to be accurate?

Yes, that sounds right.

Can we still sort one way for elementary and another way for secondary?


We've been working on it but the Excel doc is write protected - who can help?

You need to save the excel document locally and work on it from there.  If you opened it via the web you will have a read-only copy.  If you have already put information in you can do a "save as" and save the file locally on you machine.

Are PK students required?

Technically they are not but it is good practice to include them.  You will need to report all PK students you want included in your Dec 1 SPED count though.

When the MOSIS pre code is uploaded it will have kids who have been identified as Special Ed after Dec 1. How  does this affect the Dec 1 child count?

Since some SIS vendors do not collect IEP entry/exit this is a problem.   

Last year on the bubble sheet for "Months in the USA" there were not enough spaces to bubble in anything over 99, is this going to be corrected this year for those who have been here for 100 months or more?

Anything over 36 months is not used.  So reporting 99 is fine.